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Temple Emanuel, The Church of Jesus Christ, Yahshua.

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Welcome to CLST!!!


     Christian Life School of Theology is the answer to a long-time need in the greater Atlanta area. It is a nationwide "college without walls" created for the purpose of bringing in-depth Bible and practical training to students who cannot, or do not desire to, attend a residential college.

     These courses are not the product of any one denomination or church. Now Christians can receive ministry training from qualified, seasoned, spirit-filled instructors in a flexible and affordable format close to home.

     Our goals are to help you in the development of the Christ-centered life, world evangelism, and mastery of the scriptures. Several degree programs are available to help you achieve these goals. These programs are an expression of our desire that you'll be thoroughly equipped to proclaim the Gospel to the world.

     CLST stands firmly on Joel 2:28, which is it's theological philosophy: "And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy (preach).." CLST encourages male and female, as well as all nationalities to step forward and say, "yes" to the call which God has placed within them.

     The CLST Covington Campus is located in a small, but fast growing community and is known internationally for being the site for the film and TV series "In the Heat of the Night". We believed that God had prophetically placed Christian Life School of Theology in Covington, Georgia, which was formerly known for it's lack of racial tolerance, to become a 'repairer of the breach' and a 'restorer of broken walls' in bringing national reconciliation and harmony not just to races, but to all people.

CLST is located inside our church!!!

Temple Emanuel, The Church of Jesus Christ, Yahshua * 10242 Flat Shoals Rd. * Covington, * GA. * 30014 * 770-784-8189 (Church) * 770-784-9359 (Direct)