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Temple Emanuel, The Church of Jesus Christ, Yahshua.

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Our Vision and Plans for our New Temple.

Dr. Judith West, Sr. Bishop/Founder

     On the 5th of May,1983 after I gave my life "totally" to the Lord, God began to wake me up night after night to "Solomon's Temple" in the Bible. I of course said, "I can't build a temple", which is true. I cannot, but God can, and you can help!

     In 2007, when we bought the three acres and house next to the church, God spoke to me as I was walking on the property. He said, "Now you can build my temple!" Well, I am excited because God has told us exactly what He wants us to do. Hearing the directions of God is a marvelous experience, and I don't want to miss Him, and I know you feel the same way. Continue to fast and pray as we do this important work for Yahweh, together.

     As you can see by the architects drawing of the front of the temple; the massive columns are almost three stories high, and the door ways are almost two stories high. It is modeled after Ezekiel's version of Solomon's Temple. Notice the beautiful work at the top of the building in gold. The inside grand foyer will be three stories high with curved staircases. The ceiling of the foyer will be arched as described in the scriptures. Through arched carved doors you will enter the sanctuary which seats approximately 350 people. In the main tower will be golden walls, cedar and cypress paneling, and wood carvings. The second floor foyer will give you a view of the entry foyer below and the arched ceiling above. The third floor of the foyer is the "Upper Room", a special place for prayer.

     We need your help. Partner with us as we build God’s Temple. Make your pledges now, or send your checks. We have hired a civil engineering firm to work with us along with our architectural firm.

     I know you are as excited as we are to be a part of this great end time work for God. Through this temple God's glory will reach out to the world. Only God knows to what extent He will use this temple to give hope to the downtrodden, give peace to those in turmoil, give salvation to the lost, give sight to the blind and deliverance to the captives.

     Last month I was praying and asking the Lord for a “key” to unlock the Temple Door to begin. “Called to build Solomon’s Temple” came to me and on the internet I discovered other Solomon Temple’s under construction. At the same time that God was speaking to me in l983,  God was speaking to Dr. Sailo, a Pastor in Mizoram, North East India. How exciting and what confirmation!!!  Dr. Sailo began building Solomon’s Temple in l996 and 12 years later they are still building, this magnificent temple. The Holy Church of the Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua.    

     Join us as we do this great work for God. Let's build together Temple Emanuel, The Church of Jesus Christ, Yeshua. Ask God what He would have you do to help. We are joining our hands together to make a better world. God Bless you. Dr. Judith West.
Dr. Doyle West, Sr. Bishop/Founder

Holy Bible Adventure Park
God has blessed us with the opportunity to purchase the property across the street, which we will call Holy Bible Adventure Park, where we will conduct tours and have plays daily with Biblical themes.


This 5 acre property includes a 1)Chapel that seats over 120 people that be used for youth ministry, skits, plays, and musicals, 2)The Canteen, kitchen, fellowship hall, and a Sandwich Shop, 3)Source Center, and also 4)A Basketball Gym (to be built). There will also be tons of parking spaces. Underneath the Chapel is 11 class rooms, which we have plans to use for classrooms, and a Medical Center for Source Pregnancy Care Center. Source will have an ultrasound machine that will enable women and the baby's father to see their babies and the heartbeat of the baby. We can use these to enable us to reach out to our community and gain more people for God.  Also, while Solomon’s Temple, our new building, “Temple Emanuel”, is being constructed, we will be able to continue our ministry in this newly purchased property across the street.

Here is some more info about Solomon’s Temple. Our sanctuary will seat 350 or more people, with classrooms, have a fellowship hall and kitchen, a conference center, a coffee shop and bookstore, offices, and a three story tower with a prayer room on the 3rd floor, “the Upper Room”.


Thank you for planting your seed in this magnificent undertaking for the Lord, and for being a partner with us in this great vision from God! Pray that we will be able to accomplish it quickly! All signs point to the return of Jesus Christ soon. Believe God with us for the 10 million dollars, while the price of materials and cost of labor is low! Any amount you can give will be a blessing!!!!!!!! Contact us at: 770-784-9359 or 770-784-8189.

We’ve already received $7,000!!! Any amount you can give will be a blessing!!!!!!!!
Dr. Doyle West, Sr. Bishop/Founder

A Basketball Gym for Kids to Play.
It is our goal to build a gym for youth in our neighborhood. This will empower us to hold outstanding basketball camps and give the kids a safe environment to play and develop their skills. To give our youth the opportunity of competing with other youths in their age groups. To teach about The Lord and bring in Christian  values that help them become successful productive young men and women. We will be able to conduct outreach for kids at risk.


Dr. Judith West, Sr. Bishop/Founder

Source Pregnancy Medical Center Building.
Source Pregnancy Medical Center plans to move into this building as a free medical care center, after the purchase and renovation of the building. It is underneath the Chapel and has numerous rooms. The center will have an ultrasound machine that will enable women, and their child's father, to see the heartbeat of the baby and the baby.

If you can help us with Our Vision, please give us a call,
770-784-9359 (Direct), 770-784-8189 (Office), or give us an Email.

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